MARSHA company for consultancy, intermediation, publishing and trade, ltd.


We are an established supplier of machinery, equipment and materials for graphic industry, all types of printing and printing-related services. Our partners are renowned worldwide producers of high-tech machinery and equipment and a variety of materials to ensure the quality, productivity, process efficiency, and competitive advantage to our customers.

Our customers are manufacturers of flexible packaging, packaging made of paper, cardboard or corrugated cardboard, flexo printers, makers of self-adhesive labels and packagings, printers of commercial printed matter, newspapers and magazines, screen printers, pad printers, providers of digital printing, manufacturers of decorative packaging, bookbinder and all others, dealing with the finishing or converting of printed matter. For the  control of static electricity we offer solutions to numerous industries,  wide range of possibilities has our sales program of membrane pumps.

Why choose us?

Long-standing presence and long-term experience

Our principals are world market leaders

Commitment to high quality standards


Responsivness and flexibility

Technical support by producers

Value for money


Company Marsha d.o.o. was founded in 1990, but specialized in supplying the printing market not before 1992, when we started to sell photopolymer plates for letterpress and inks for printing self-adhesive labels. Gradually we acquired new customers and agencies and expanded our sales offer with the products for all types of printing and related industries. Growth demanded investment into people, knowledge, labor, stock, fixed assets. Purchase of existing premises in Trzin in 1999 has enabled us to more appropriate and better conditions for employees as to supply customers. Domestic market development, technological progress, globalization and other global trends have necessitated adjustment of our operations and initiated continuous expansion of the sales portfolio and target markets. Now, it is not exclusively printing houses we supply, our product portfolio is being complemented by solutions for other branches, such as automotive, textile, wood products industry.

We are proud that with the help of our customers the impact of our activity can be seen is many products we encounter in everyday life: on the labels and packaging of many drinks, cleaning products, meat, dairy products, and other food packaging, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, newspapers and magazines, books, passports, bank account books, credit cards, envelopes, school notebooks, paper napkins, paper and plastic bags, the traffic warden notices, payment forms, posters and countless other printed products. We thank everyone, especially our first customers, partners and friends that you believed in us many years ago and we are honored that you trust us today and count on us in the future.

Our efforts will continue to focus on reliability, correctness and quality – of our principals, products, customer service and interpersonal relations.